Family-run in Stalbridge, Dorset since 1851
Meggy Moo butter packets salted and peppered

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Welcome to Meggy Moos Dairy!

We're delighted to welcome the award-winning Meggy Moos Dairy into the shop, with their beautiful butter, milk, cream and milkshakes.

14th Feb 2023

Meggy Moos have been farming their herd of Holstein cows at Shroton, near Blandford, since 1989.

They are committed to working with the environment: 

"As a family and as a business, we live and work as sustainably as we can. We always choose to opt for farming methods that work positively for our cows, our customers and the environment.  We reuse and recycle, use renewable energy and look after our land and soil using traditional methods. As part of our commitment to cow welfare, we use a milking system that conforms to the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms principles."

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