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Our newest supplier – Co-op

What our latest supplier means for you

1st Jul 2018

You may be surprised to see Co-op products appearing on the shelves alongside our existing lines. 

This is because Co-op has bought NISA, where we get most of our stock for the shop.


What does this mean for Dike & Son?

We will remain an independent family business. The Co-op will be our supplier, not our owner. This means we can now choose to buy Co-op items as well as Heritage grocery items. We will of course continue to stock local produce and source as much as possibly locally.

What does this mean for our customers?

We can now offer you an even greater choice of quality food, drink and groceries, with lower prices on some branded products.

What does it mean for the community?

We will continue to be able to support local good causes, groups and projects through the NISA Making A Difference Locally Fund.

This is how the Co-op describe their business on their website:
“We’re the UK’s largest convenience seller of Fairtrade products and have a great history of leading the way with Fairtrade firsts. Our brand is built on strong ethical values to ensure people and communities are fairly treated throughout our supply chain”. 

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