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We have hundreds of special offers in-store and online, changing every three weeks! This is all thanks to our affiliation with Nisa, the independent grocery buying group. Because of this we are able to match many of the prices and deals for branded grocery items offered by the chain stores, as well as bringing you Co-op own branded products and special deals. We also work closely with our local suppliers to bring you the best local deals. You won’t find these in our Nisa leaflet, but they’re right here for you, so that you can enjoy choosing local produce while still saving money.

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Pick up the best deals on everyday groceries, butchery and ready meals, frozen food, beers, wines and spirits

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Customer reviews


Sarah Perrott}

I was shocked at the prices of some of the items on my order, (I'm unwell and hadn't properly checked amounts). 4.99 for a tiny packet of Pine Nuts, for example, is extortionate, to me.

Other than that the service was good.

1 week ago

Andrew Rae}

Always good quality and fantastic cheerful service great

3 weeks ago

Bev Davis}

Great service - used on a weekly basis. Staff in office, on shop floor and delivery couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. Occasional substitutions but mostly order met regularly each week. It’s been a lifesaver - thank you

1 month ago

Ronald Green}

Delivery service is first class, every thing I order is delivered the delivery person is always pleasant

places the shopping in the chair so I can pack it in the fridge and freezer and the cupboard.

1 month ago


Since I last used the website a few years ago, it has greatly improved and it much more user friendly. However, it would be good to write some notes or have an opportunity to indicate if happy with substitutions being made etc. Delivery arrived on time and very friendly delivery driver. Would use again.

2 months ago


Dike & Sons provided the bar for our wedding this year.

Their service was outstanding from the very beginning. They were very knowledgeable about what we drinks we should have, Nothing was too much trouble, and they worked alongside our caters and helped out in all areas for the wedding. We would highly recommend Adam and Richard.

Thank you so very much.

4 months ago

Ronald Green}

Service is first class all the shopping is placed in a chair ready for me to pack it all away in the fridge or freezer and in the kitchen cupboard.Best Wishes.Ronald.

4 months ago

C Frost}

As good as always

4 months ago

Lyn Long}

I have an order from them every week and I cannot fault the service, the helpfulness and the courtesy they show every time.

4 months ago


I found Dike & Son when I was looking for a hard-to-find product. They were super helpful, dealt with my request quickly and had it shipped out in no time at all. I found everyone I spoke to very polite and helpful and my order was great value for money

4 months ago
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