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Absolut Blue Vodka

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Product Summary

Every drop of this superb vodka has been crafted only with Swedish winter wheat near the small town of Ahus and continues a determined commitment to the pursuit of perfection since 1879.

The Absolut bottle quickly gained pop culture status thanks to a striking shape and look that caught everyone's attention. Inspired by a Swedish apothecary bottle, it was a design innovation. A new premium spirit, sans paper label, its name and logo printed directly on glass. Clear. Minimalistic. Bold. Artistic. Swedish.

One Source - Purpose: Every ingredient in Absolut Vodka comes from a small village in Southern Sweden called Åhus, making Absolut the world's largest locally produced vodka. Did you know? Absolut deals directly with its suppliers rather than buying wheat from the global market. These relationships ensure that each bottle, no matter where you are in the world, is made with genuine pride. 

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